IT Management

Topologies, Networking, Consultation, IT support, LAN/WAN/VPN...


Optimization, Queries, reports. MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle.

Data Integrity

Data validation, Data recovery, global backup strategy,...

Web Sites & SEO

Retail-1® integration, CMS, E-Commerce, WordPress, Joomla, Magento


Vertical System, already over 10 years !

Lead by Cedric Lassegues, network and SEO expert, our team is composed of several experts with various technical knowledge and experience.
These diverse backgrounds provide our customers with a commitment to highly qualified solutions promoting innovative thinking, which contributes to our success.
Our team's dedication to excel is driven by our customer's expectations and satisfaction.


  • "We have been working with Vertical System for the past 10 years and since then, all of our network has been under their tight security system. They brought us at a high level of availability with total redundance off site. We have been able to focus entirely on our main activity because of the trust and true partnership we have established over the years"

    Peter M. , Director of Gemmar System International Inc.
  • We have trusted Vertical System with the installation and maintenance of our entire network: Active Directory, Exchange, Backup, VPN,...
    For the past 9 years, we haven't had an outage since."

    Paul-André G. , Sports Experts GGV
  • Using Vertical System's expert advice and knowledgeable people for over 7 years, we are able to control the dollars spent on our IT systems. They have bailed us out of numerous computer related emergencies. They have built several important web based applications. Not having to worry about our Servers, VPN and backup allows us to freedom to focus on our core business.

    Jason Coorsh, Stylexchange
  • We have been fortunate to work with such a devoted, knowledgeable, hands-on and professional team for all our IT solutions and support. Cedric Lassegues and the expertise of Vertical System service is dependable and reliable. From the initial set up our operations at head office and in-store POS to the expansion of our business, they have played a crucial role in our growth and supplied excellent support. We are in good hands with Vertical System.

    Nadia Niro, Stuart Weitzman


Project manager, Windows expert : SQL, Exchange, AD, consultant SEO.



Sales representative for France Business.
Marketing manager.

Marketing manager

Louis / Séverine

Web Designers, graphical artists, pre-press.



In charge of projects, design, integration, Wordpress, SEO...



Multi-platform developer, PHP, MySQL, SQL, CMS,...



Multi-platform developer, Joomla, Magento, Wordpress,...



Backlinks, Adwords,
Social media, consultant SEO,...

Expert SEO


IT support, networking,
Telco, installations,


Our customers


We offer our clients a unique combination of services: from IT support, strategic company consultation, web design, Search Engine optimization (SEO), to computer systems implementation and management. Only one contact to serve all your needs. Based in Montreal, we offer our services all across Canada and USA.

Increase your revenues and visibility with Digital Marketing : FaceBook, Twitter, Google+,....
Secured Transactional Web sites, Retail-1® compatible, and other CRM, OpenCart,....
Search Engine Optimization, Pay per Click, Adwords, publicités, Gogole Analytics...
Content Management System :
WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Drupal, Custom CMS,....


For global network or more specialized skills in Active Directory, SQL, Exchange, all our consultants are certified Microsoft (MCP, MCSE, MCT,...) or A+, Cisco,.... to provide quality of service in our diagnostics.
We support all Microsoft Windows technologies : Windows 2003, 2008, 2012, SQL 2005, 2008, 2012, Exchange 2003, 2010, 2013 ...
We also support VMWare ESXi for High availability.
We give special attention to the security of your systems, IP port scanning, hacking techniques...
We can scan your servers to test their safety and reliability. Our systems engineers ensure the highest protection of your IT assets.


Stations : XP, Vista, Seven, 8
Servers : Windows Server 2003, 2008, 2012
Applications : SQL, Exchange, Active Directory, Load Balancing, Network, Internet,...

SystEms / Environment

Windows 2003, 2008 & 2012 : Lan/Wan, Optimization, servers administration, network interconnections, TCP/IP, Terminal Server.
Station X86, X64 : Windows XP/Vista/Seven/8, installation, devices and networking…
32 and 64 bits

Data Center

Data Center : Your data on our highly protected and secured servers . Physical access through card and fingerprint, large bandwidth directly in the heart of the Web, high availability.

LAN/WAN/VPN Networks

Architectures, services : Analysis, planification, improvement,…
Protocols, models : OSI, Internet (TCP/IP), RAS, VPN, routers,...
Internet/Web : IIS Web Server, Sites building, SQL integration in Web sites
Back Office : Exchange (2003, 2007, 2010), SQL Server (2000,2005,2008, 2012),...
Devices : Cisco, SonicWall,... for WAN and VPN


We can design, develop and manage your Web site : CMS, E-commerce, Web positioning (SEO) under many platforms. asp, php, .net, Custom CMS, Magento, WordPress, Opencart, and many others. From a single informational web site to most complex sites, we have a solution that will suit your needs. Just look at our portfolio to get a better idea. And we can also bring you on the first page of Google thanks to a proper web positioning. Just ask !

Internet Conception

Tools : We use latest technology in 2D/3D, Video, graphics, Flash, HTML, interactives sites, .NET, ASP, PHP,... and use OpenCart, Wordpress, Magento, custom CMS and much more.
Campaign : We take care of your E-Marketing, Web positioning...


Take advantage of our partnerships in the hosting domain. We can host your website on mutualised servers based in France, USA, Canada or West Indies at a competitive cost.

Domain Names

We register and host your domain names for you : .com, .ca, .org, .fr, etc.


It is thanks to our expertise in social media and management of marketing campaigns that your customers will find you. We are certified Google Adwords among others, to help you manage your marketing campaigns.


SEO should be your corporate vision. You must optimize several factors for your website to be found on the first page of search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, and others, as needed, because Google may not be the most important in regards of your field of business. Our Montreal SEO agency can help you improve traffic in the long term on your website to gain visibility and conversion. Know that there is no simple tricks to reach the first page of Google, and the use of some tricks that seem easy could cost you and have the opposite effect on the major search engines, including Google.

To obtain a good SEO of your website, we constantly improve our knowledge of SEO with over 10 years of experience: Analysis of your website for Onpage, because most of the problems come from the Site itself, competitive analysis, research and implementation of keywords, improving usability and Web accessibility as even Google takes this into consideration, and we bring our expertise in content rewriting of URLs with 301, implementation of a strategy for incoming and outgoing links, compliance with W3C standards, optimized anchors, words, always keeping in mind the importance of security.


You have to wonder how to "reference my website." Ideally, you must perfectly know the language HTML 5. Structure your pages with a title tag, H1 title but explaining it in a few lines is not enough. If you are reading these lines, it is certainly because you are looking for an SEO team that will answer your questions, exceed your expectations and help you in the future. Because we are convinced that the work of SEO should not be a one-off task, but long-term work. The return on investment should be winning gage, measurable and tangible.


The inner mesh is part of your SEO, it aims to optimize pages among them, it is a bit like a breadcrumb. Kristof published a very good article on the mesh explaining how he treats this type of problem. This is one of our SEO experts. He will build you a "Backlinks" network, with full mesh to give a clear reading to Google.


You must offer quality texts to your customers and Google. Present text on each page, simple, precise and without any complicated word. Know that DeepMind intelligence is there and that Google uses for its algorithm. So do not think about making the content with keywords repetitions. This is unnecessary and should be avoided. We can train you and teach you to write your articles, newsletters, web pages... 

Micro formats

Micro formats are HTML tags that allow us to label the content on a web page. The Micro formats is important for SEO. This allows you to format important information such as addresses, products of your E-Commerce site, testimonials, places .... Google appreciates this standard and can use it to display a rich snippets or excerpts of your website.


  • Wordpress Sites
  • E-Commerce Sites
  • CMS Sites
  • SEO
Constructions Auger-Ouellette
Adaptation of a new responsive design, and full SEO optimisation for a better positionning in SERP.
Senzeo Massotherapie
Adaptation of a new responsive design, and code optimisation for a better positionning in SERP. This site is now on first Google page on their keywords.
Julie Ouimet
This therapist has asked us to optimize her site for a better visibility on several keywords. She reached the Top 1 page within a few weeks. SEO Training, WordPress and onpage optimization,...
Senseez has asked us to redesign their site for International sales across America, Europe, and Asia.
Villa Nautilus
Villa Nautilus asked us to develop a Wordpress site with booking, calendar, seasons, for their reservations.
Belmont Decoration
Belmont asked us to redesign their site for a better visibility on the Web.
Colori E-Commerce Web site
Colori worked with Vertical System to help create a full E-Commerce site linked to Retail-1®. This includes Design, Post Canada link, full transactional access and Web positioning (SEO) .
Antilles Locations Web site
Renting web site from customer to customer.
Owners can automatically create ads and handle the subscription length. Electronic catalog with specific modules using MS-SQL data base. .
Quebec Locations Web site
Renting web site from customer to customer.
Owners can automatically create ads and handle the subscription length. Electronic catalog with specific modules using MS-SQL data base.
Montreal Cupidon Web site
Regional dating Web site for Quebec. Several technical modules were developed for Webcam chat, SMS, Newsletter, statistics,... Fully automated Web site to ease the maintenance. SEO, Marketing, social media.
Lilitheo Web site
Lilitheo asked us to help them fix the major problems they had with the integration of several modules for E-commerce.
New queries creation, code optimisation,...
Vertical System Corporate Video
To easily and quickly communicate with customers, a video can sometime bring you up to the point.
Can be used for information, buzz,...

24/7 Support

Because you have no control when your system might go down, we offer 24/7 support contracts. We go on site or remote access your machines. Contact-us to know more.


Remote access on your PC. Download the application


CCleaner. Registry cleaner tool Download the application


MalwareBytes. Anti-spyware tool. Download the application


WAN performance test Launch the bandwidth test

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